Siding Styles For Every Home or Building

Look around your neighborhood, and you'll see not only various siding materials, but you will also notice there is a wide variety of siding styles. Lap siding, vertical siding, and shake siding are all prominent styles in the Texas, but what benefits does each kind of siding add to your home exterior?


Sure, having a beautiful exterior makes coming home better and provides the perfect opportunity to snap a pic for the 'gram, but did you know that siding also provides protection? You want your siding to withstand the elements, like hail and wind, protect from moisture intrusion, provide additional insulation for the cold months, and keep pesky bugs from entering your home. Our siding is built using LP® SmartSide®'s engineered wood siding, giving your exterior ultimate strength and durability through everything Mother Nature brings your way.


Lap siding is the most common siding style, and it's the oldest style to exist, with its roots tracing back to the early settler days. This siding is horizontal, and the pieces overlap each other to create beautiful shadow lines and may help crooked walls appear straight. If you are looking to install stone or different siding styles, lap siding is the perfect compliment. Lap siding is the most versatile siding style and can be used on any home style, from Ranch homes to Modern Farmhouse, Barndominium and Craftsman homes. Our lap siding features a spline on the back that helps to provide additional durability for winds up to 200 MPH, creates even shadow lines, and protects from moisture intrusion.

Design tip: Mix exposures to create a one-of-a-kind exterior and stand out from your neighbors. Available in 6", 8", and 12" profiles.


Vertical siding comes in many forms, with board and batten being the most popular today. Board and batten is made of large panels put together side-by-side with a batten strip installed over the panel seams. The batten strip is installed on top of the panels creating a 3D look on the home. Vertical siding adds dimension and creates an illusion that the house is taller than it is, making it the perfect addition to smaller areas on the exterior. Board and batten is typically found on Modern Farmhouse and Mid-Century exteriors but is gaining popularity on other home styles to accent areas and break up the repetition of lap siding.

In addition to the standard 12" and 16" wide vertical panels we carry, we also offer other vertical siding styles:

Grooved Panel: Vertical panel featuring grooves cut into the panel at specific places, like every 8". Use in place of board and batten or on porch ceilings.

No Groove Panel: Vertical panel that is taller and wider than the standard vertical panel. Add batten strips for a classic board and batten look, or keep it simple as a flat accent.

Design tip: Add vertical siding in your gables to draw the eye up.


Traditional cedar shake siding, also known as "shingle-style siding," has been around since the 1800s. You will often see shake siding on historic homes, such as Colonial or Victorian, but this siding style has begun to gain popularity for all home styles. Shake siding is typically individual shake pieces installed on the home; however, our Shake siding is designed with efficiency in mind. Our four-foot panel has grooves cut into it to mimic the traditional look of shake siding without installing individual cut pieces. The panels help prevent the shakes from warping, splitting, or the need to replace every individual piece. The Staggered Edge and Straight Edge Shakes are made with the same spline technology, and we offer Octagon or Scallop shapes.

Design tip: Shake siding is the perfect complement to all siding styles. Consider using a different siding color for the shakes to make them stand out.


Our Complete Siding System is built to last with our 30-Year No Fade Finish Warranty. With over 20 siding colors to choose from and our custom color option, there is a color for every homeowner to bring their exterior dreams to life. Mix and match colors with your siding styles, and you've got a home with curb appeal that will last generations.

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